Levi Strauss and Goodwill Tag Team to Save the Planet

There’s nothing like cleaning out closets to put a person in touch with overconsumption. I felt relief when I dropped off a giant load of stuff at Goodwill recently. My belongings were headed for a second life–not a landfill.

Levi Strauss & Co. is tuning into the anxiety it causes its customers to discard sturdy, but no-longer useful jeans. By incorporating Goodwill’s new “Care Tag for Our Planet” symbol into its product labeling, the blue jean icon creates an innovative take on product care labeling. Part of taking care of the jeans, the tag instructs, is recycling them responsibly.

“The Care Tag for Our Planet partnership started an important dialogue about donating jeans to protect the environment and support local communities,” said Michael Kobori, Levi’s vice president for social and environmental sustainability, reports The Cause Marketing Forum. “We’re thrilled that Goodwill is now expanding the “Donate Movement” nationally so even more companies and consumers join the conversation about reuse through donation.”

By the way, I did not hand over my Levis. Other jeans, yes. My love affair with 501’s continues to the last patch.

Thanks to David Hessekiel of CM Forum for sharing the story.