Learning How to Change Your Life

Transformation is everywhere. People are looking to rebuild, renew, or even reboot their careers. That’s why Seth Godin’s latest project caught my eye. He is offering an apprenticeship. Not an intern, but an apprentice. There’s an important difference.

An apprenticeship builds skill and depth of knowledge. By working alongside a master, an apprentice witnesses the way new questions arise and get answered and how work flows creatively into uncharted waters. There is mutual commitment to handing down a way of life.

Over the years, internships have become yet another credential to notch on one’s bedpost. American education is bloated with credentialing. But has it created better workers? Has it made a true difference in the quality of work? I see no evidence that it does.

Apprenticeship learning is on the rise. After all, the high cost and long haul of earning a second degree may not deliver the expected transformation in a person’s career. Then what? As learning styles evolve away from classic academics and toward experiential learning, apprenticeships will gain more appeal.

Whatever Seth is working on, it’s on the leading edge…as usual.

photo courtesy of Ian Sand