Labor Day Message for Would Be Writers

Hopes and dreams matter. It is well known that one of the most powerful forces in marketing is aspiration. When consumers aspire to a certain state or lifestyle, it opens an emotional channel for marketers to relay messages aimed at those aspirations. A recent study in England of peoples’ career aspirations revealed “More Britons dream about becoming an author than any other job,” reports a new survey reported in the Guardian (”Writing tops poll of ideal jobs,” by Michelle Pauli).

Reading this study gave me pause. As the end of summer nears, I am getting ready for the national launch of my latest book, RenGen: Renaissance Generation. So many people have approached me with their own book ideas. I am impressed with all the thinking going on…and dreaming. Truth be told, writing a book is a mission not a monetary exercise. That is unless you are amazingly gifted or flat out lucky, or both. What drive the process for most writers is the quest, the mystery to be solved, and the unquenchable desire to write, write, write and then put it out there. Otherwise, as Bill Clinton surmised when he totaled the number of hours spent writing his memoir divided by his compensation, he was making about minimum wage.

To anyone nurturing the aspiration to write, I say be about it. I hope it’s a labor of love