Kuma’s Corner Heavy Metal Burgers to Die For

I just returned from the gym where I did penance for a truly sinful act–I ate a heavy metal burger from Kuma’s Corner. Yesterday, my daughter and I spent the day scuttling about the city on errands. It was 3PM before we realized we’d missed lunch. Gnawed by the kind of hunger that makes red meat seem like a good idea, we headed for Kuma’s for burgers. 

You may remember that I swore off cheeseburgers last year. I had one lapse in Des Moines, which I sorely regretted because the burger was a gloppy, unremarkable mess. If I’m going to lapse, it has to be monstrously delicious. Kuma’s Corner is now legendary for offering up such a burger in an ambiance thick will grill smoke, heavy metal music and biker-girl pinups on the walls. Monstrous. Delicious. Worth it.

Photo: The Iron Maiden burger my daughter ordered