Kleenex Appeals to Latino RenGen

In an effort to reach Latino RenGen, Kleenex brand is planning a campaign around Hispanic Heritage Month that invites Hispanic artists to create culturally relevant designs using any type of media, that can be transferred digitally onto a Kleenex brand facial tissue carton.

The effort, “Con Kleenex, Expresa tu Hispanidad” (With Kleenex, Express Your Hispanic Culture), begins now. Those who enter must include a personal statement about what heritage means to them. Consumers can vote for the three winning entries online, in conjunction with judging from the Kleenex brand managers.

Three grand-prize winners will each receive $5,000, and may have their original designs featured on Kleenex brand upright boxes that will be available in stores nationwide next September and October. Nine finalists will each receive $500.

Kimberly Clark’s Kleenex brand seems to understand the power of offering a blank canvas to cultural consumers. And it will be interesting to see if the concept has the same pull as their dramatic “Let It Out” campaign that invited consumers to unburden themselves emotionally (and use Kleenex to mop up.) The campaign was a stand-out example of how to build a compassion brand for these unsettling times.

For a September 2008 study on paper products by Chicago-based marketing firm Mintel, the firm polled 19,378 adults 18 or over. The firm says that younger consumers in its survey are generally less concerned with the quality or performance of their facial tissues, and are willing to buy based solely on brand image (packaging) and reputation. Hence the appeal to aspiring Latino/a artists.

photo by Riot Jane