Kiss and Tell

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I am re-posting the virtual Kissing Booth from last year. This was a huge hit. People loved reading the entries. I know this because they emailed me their favorites! I said, “Post a comment!” But people loved peering in anonymously. It’s probably the same thrill we get when seeing young lovers kiss in public. Anyway, I hope you do something today with someone you love. (Click into the comments to read the entries.) Do you remember the kiss that rocked your world? Sent a tingle down your spine? Made you weak at the knees?

Just as we have DNA or fingerprints, everyone has an unforgettable kiss.

If I gave you a million dollars to write a film script about your life, what would be the kissing scene? Maybe for you, the kiss that haunts you was that clumsy, anxious moment when you swung and missed. Or it’s the farewell kiss that ended a chapter in your life.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we hereby invite you to remember what it feels like to be loved by telling your story of THE kiss. We’re hosting a virtual Kiss-and-Tell Booth right here. From now until Feb. 14 you can submit your kiss-and-tell story. Our panel of judges (Liz, George, Karen, Tony, Julie) will vote on the top three smooches to receive a free copy of John Stark’s new book, “The Dictionary of Love.” Winners will be announced here.

Here’s how it works:

1. Click on “comment” down below and follow the prompts. (There are few just a few.) Experienced blog-heads you know what to do.
2. Write your story. Go on, pour your heart out, describe all the juicy bits, or keep it simple if you like.
-You can enter more than once.
-It’s okay to remain anonymous (in case the best kiss was not with the person who is now your spouse or something like that)
-We are privacy bulldogs. We’re not keeping, storing, re-distributing anyone’s privates.
-Winning entries will be posted here and we will announce the winners to the media, assuming that people might enjoy a little old school recognition.

Etiquette: This is about love, alright. Write something that puts a smile on your face, nothing sleazy or unkind.

photos courtesy of Optimus Prime

Fine print: Why are we doing this? Because we hope it’s fun. We’ve all had our fill of grim economic forecasts, sub-prime dirges, and political punditry. We’ve decided to change the subject for one week in the space we can control–this blog! We hope everyone enjoys a vicarious thrill and a few people walk away with a prize.