Kindle Love: Cuddling Up with My Device

I’m not an early adopter. Every time I’m the first to the parade, I buy the device with all the kinks and I frustrate myself into knots trying to download patches and fixes for them. (Don’t get me started on the Asus turd of a mini-laptop I bought!)

So, I hung back from the Kindle. Besides, I believe in books like some people believe in God. But a trusted colleague of mine, George Needham, had one and raved. Like me, he’s a book lover.

This year, a beloved friend surprised me with a second generation Kindle for my birthday. It was a lavishly over-the-top gift that knocked my socks off. But would I like using it?

It’s been three weeks and I adore it. I’m zipping through a novel, and downloading voraciously. I’m considering whether taking it to the beach this weekend will threaten it with sand? And I’m tempted to join a Kindle book club. Do those exist? Hope so.