Killer proposals: Testimonials That Motivate

A few months ago, I posted this and it got a lot of views. Believing it might be useful, I am re-posting it now:

There is a “me too” factor in sponsorship marketing. Sponsors want to join a successful endeavor. And one way they’ll measure your cred is to see if other well-known brands are already sponsoring your property. That’s why including testimonials in your proposals is so powerful. Consider also that ac­cess to your cosponsors can be very enticing. If a sponsor sees one of the company’s prospects among your sponsors, he or she will have added motivation to invest.

In a killer sponsorship proposal, the testimonials page should be more than a list of companies or logos. It includes endorsement remarks that both answer objections you anticipate from prospects and emphasize the top motivations all sponsors share.

A few examples:

Consideration: Will it really help me grow my business?

“Our tie with this event was a key motivator for our sales associates. We turned 6% more in sales that we directly attribute to our sponsorship.”
—Brand Manager, ABC Beverage Company

Consideration: Will it be easy to implement?

“This is our third year sponsoring the event. We like the help we get from very professional event managers who help us execute. It makes our lives a lot easier.”
—Director of Community Relations, LMN Financial Services

Consideration: Will I gain more brand awareness?

“The press coverage alone was a boon. Not to mention the way we were touted in all their advertisements and signage.”
—Director of Marketing, XYZ Computer Company