Killer Proposals for Tough Times

I get asked a lot of questions about proposals. I see a great many of them. Over the years, I can spot a winner from way across the desk. Today kicks off a series on how to create a killer sponsorship proposal. Check back every Monday for more tips. Feel free to post questions.

Although the content of a proposal might vary based on your situation and the sponsor’s needs and interests, there are guidelines that apply to all situations. This series will help you turn the information you have about your offer into a compelling proposal that propels you into deal making.

A killer sponsorship proposal achieves facilitates a decision. You will be preparing your proposal so you can use it in one of these three ways with a corporate sponsor:

1. To obtain another meeting
2. To leave behind following a meeting to facilitate the discussion among several decision makers
3. To deliver as follow-up to a meeting where you were requested to address specific issues

Facilitating a Sponsor’s Decision Making
For any piece of writing to persuade a person to act, its content must be considered from that person’s perspective. It must help the decision making along. People don’t buy what they can’t understand. Help them picture what you’re proposing.

Visualizing the Offer
Because good sponsorship offers have a human element, it’s your job to bring that value to life. It isn’t easy for a corporate executive sitting at a desk to imagine the sights and sounds of the experience you are proposing for consideration. Include photos, drawings, diagrams, maps, and charts that help the decision maker visualize your event at a glance. In any sales process you make great strides when buyers can picture themselves using the product or service. The same is true when you are selling sponsorship.