Keeping Your Event Hot When Sponsors Grow Cool

Photo by michaelrighi

Despite fewer sponsors and government dollars, two events this month are gaining ground where it counts most—with audiences. The London Film Fest is one, with ticket sales up 8% this year. The other event is across the pond in Philly. DesignPhiladelphia has brought the city alive with its showcase for what’s cutting edge. Capturing the attention of the media, the event has the City of Brotherly Love buzzing with visitors. I’ll travel to DesignPhiladelphia later this week to check it out and report back.

What the two events have in common is that they have forged ahead with brave programming and strong media relations campaigns—classic and digital, despite tight budgets. Sponsors will come back. And when they do, they’ll entertain proposals from events that can demonstrate strong audience and media appeal.

Take note. It’s not a good idea to scale back your exuberance for your programming in these times. Keep the home fires burning and you’ll have a compelling story to tell when the thaw occurs.

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