Keeping It Fresh

Ben and Hall Smyth have short attention spans. But then, doesn’t everybody? The brothers opened their 400-square foot storefront in Manhattan premised on a simple concept–change is good. Welcome to Grand Opening, a business venture that completely overhauls its space every few months. It’s been a drive-in theatre with a ’64 Ford Falcon parked in the space, and home to a Ping-Pong tournament. Next up, a Holiday Office Party for those without an office. Grand Opening has a lesson for all brands, namely, that as more consumers seek experiences that are wrapped in ideas, the quicker they will consume them and look for the next, next thing. By making their venture all about the churn, the Smyth brothers keep themselves in sync with consumer demand, rather than playing catch-up. As the RenGen gathers force, it will heighten consumer appetities for innovation and high-concept design. Think about one place, one element of your marketing that can embrace this speed churn and exploit it. Better yet, get your customers to collaborate to add their own creative content to keep it fresh.