Join Me on a the Adventure of a Lifetime

As my newsletter subscribers know, I’ve been given an incredible opportunity. As a writer and blogger, I know how powerful the right photo can be. Last year, I bought a decent camera. And tried to teach myself. But I got disappointing results. Next, I shopped around for classes, but nothing quite clicked.

Then, something wonderful happened. 

I was contacted by Catherine Karnow, the award-winning National Geographic photographer.

In mid-May, I’m teaming up with Catherine for a photography workshop she’s leading in Orvieto, Italy. During the evenings, I will be hosting a roundtable for the bloggers among us to process and implement what we’ve learned.

I can’t express how excited I am to share this adventure with all of the bloggers and travelers in my network. Even better, I’ve been given carte blanche to extend the early bird discount to anyone in my tribe.

The whole experience is shaping up to be one of those astonishing trips–when it’s possible to suspend time and soak in the countryside and culture of Umbria, led by a holy-grail kind of teacher. I’ve worked with Catherine on a variety of projects and she is both talented and generous of spirit. I made her swear to share her best secrets, like her knack for shooting and choosing prize-winning photos without using Photoshop.

If you are interested in joining us, just a few slots remain.