It’s May Day — Choose Your Vibe

It goes way back. May Day has pagan roots. It marks a shift in weather, attitude and outlook. It has always meant a day of self-expression. That holds true whether your are protesting or partying. So consider it “Choose your vibe day.”

Decide if you want to be out there demanding change (anti-war protests, labor marches, gatherings with a message, all qualify) Or it could mean dancing, performing, or promenading in the public square. Be colorful, be a little outrageous, and be out there. Today, it’s allowed. Consider it your sacred duty. Break your routine. Buy lunch for the loser guy. Wear a funny hat. Give out May Day hugs. Cut out for a long lunch and go do the May Pole thing if your town has one.

May Day is a blank check that allows you to do something quirky and fun and just a tiny bit dangerous. The main thing is that it comes from your heart. Because the ancient cultures believed that May 1 marks a day when a portal opens in the universe. Let me translate: all beings, even the forces you cannot see, are a little more open minded. Make sure your vibes are all about some greater expression of yourself and it should beget a whole season of the same–positive change, fun and frolic, peace and love.

For me, I have a sick child today. I write this while she sleeps. Even though she’s a teenager, she needs my attention. She fainted last night. Flat out on the floor. Despite what we’ll learn at the doctor’s office, I intend to remain optimistic. Lest she be sick all season, see. The great thing about kids is that it’s usually nothing serious and they do get better. Still, I cut some flowers from the garden this morning, and placed them before my much neglected Blessed Mother statue in our hallway. I prayed. (May 1 is also a religious holiday for some folks with rituals involving flowers, prayers and virgins all aimed at boosting one’s fertility mojo.)

I will save my reveries for tomorrow when I brave the crowds at Looptopia, Chicago’s all night party in the Loop.

Happy May Day!
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