Is Power for Men Only?

I like men. Truly, I do. But lately, I’ve begun a little experiment to track their predominance in the professional world. Oh, it’s really a tally list I keep next to my laptop. Every time I encounter a website, for example, I scan the list of senior managers or directors. I’m just stunned at how often the leadership roster is 100% male.

Take Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society, for example. The Center is engaged in a very exciting project to explore the potential of a developing a National Digital Public Library. On the Steering Committee are some very bright people, several of them women.

But as I clicked around the Berkman Center’s website, I noticed the Directors are all men. I add another tick to my running list of organization with only men at the top.

I don’t mean to pick on the Berkman Center. It does some extraordinary work, to be sure. But I do mean to begin calling out this sad reality in American life—for a progressive country we have utterly regressive power structures.

The facts are plain. Women constitute 51% of the population. Many more female experts exist than ever before, so there is no lack of talent. So what’s up with this lack of diversity?

And what will happen if we fail to rectify the imbalance of power?

The protests rippling across the world all speak to the cry for balance. Not gender equity per-se, but the balance of power.

Creating more parity is a path toward stability in the 21st century. And if the world headlines tell us anything, it’s that you can choose to create balance—or it will be thrust upon you.

Here’s to the sanity of choosing to do what’s right.