Is a College Degree a Cultural Relic?

Photo by Werwin15

My oldest child graduates from college this coming Saturday, so scant blogging for me.

The family will make the trek to Vermont to partake in the ceremony. Lately, this ritual of college graduation has taken on a dubious distinction. Face it, the fact that Peter Theil is paying kids NOT to seek a college degree says something.

I’ve long been saying that higher education is the next bubble. Meaning, how it’s financed and operated is unsustainable. Creating a vast underclass of over-educated surfs who are slaves to big college loans is sheer recklessness.

Still, my heart flutters as I pack my suitcase in anticipation of the moment. I put a kid though college…during a major recession.

The American Dream may have seen better days. It has always rested on the belief in getting a good education. Call me a Luddite, but I still believe that a good education is its own reward. And when it’s your own kid, believe me, you happily invoke a willing suspension of disbelief.