Infographic: Social Media Makes Attention Deficit Disorder the New Common Cold

As you will see, my love for infographics persists into 2012. Here’s a recent one from Assisted Living Today about SMADD (social media attention deficit disorder).

I’m afflicted. I came down with it back in 2004 when I started this blog. I haven’t been able to shake it. I have the attention span of a toy poodle. But I’m doing everything I can to fight back. I’ve even returned to practices I learned in Catholic grade school, like preparing lovely handwritten notes with painstakingly neat penmanship. But it’s blowing my time management regimen, let me tell you.

There are some eye-popping findings in the infographic. Like the one about how social media leaches oxytocin into our blood streams. Yowzer! Anyone who has ever been in love knows that resistance is futile in the face of oxytocin, especially if you are female, since it’s widely accepted that oxytocin does for women what testosterone does for men, sans the chest-beating.

Have a look and see how social media is changing us:

Infographic sponsored by AssistedLivingToday