Infographic: How Digital Changes Consumer Buying Behavior

The future of the digital era seems boundless—unless you’re talking to someone in advertising. Invariably, they bring up the monetization problem. The trouble with digital, they’ll tell you, is that it’s too suggestive, too subtle to drive sales. But mounting evidence shows that the consumer consideration process is evolving as a consequence of our new-economy lifestyles. People consume brand messages differently now, and they make their decisions differently, too.
Meet Anindya Ghose, associate professor at NYU’s Stern School of Business and co-director of Stern’s Center for Business Analytics. Ghose tracks the effectiveness of ads across smartphones, tablets, and PCs. He argues that the multiplicity of platforms creates momentum that leads to consumer purchase. We see ads on one device. Investigate it one another. And end up buying it on yet another. Some categories tend to be more susceptible to cross-platform marketing—shoes, clothing, and travel, for example. It’s a variety of touch points that lead to conversion. 
This infographic by Marketo reveals the advantages of having a variety of content supporting your brand. Cumbersone? You bet. But it’s essential for creating the intent to buy. It also breaks out where brands are investing vs. experimenting, and which challenges brands are facing now.