Indie Film Industry Hopes VOD Will Get More People Watching

A while ago, I blogged about an indie film that became Hulu’s most-watched movie of all time without actually being released in theaters. Now it seems that other indie films are enjoying similar attention. Netflix recently reported that it added over 300 independent films to its library. And last month, the Tribeca Film Festival launched a long-term effort to acquire and release indie films on video-on-demand. It’s a revolutionary effort–film festivals almost always screen movies rather than distribute them. The goal is to kickstart the VOD market for independent films, thereby remodeling an industry that has been in flux for a number of years. Most expert agree that a large part of the problem has to do with the fact that there are too many films and too few theaters to show them in. VOD might prove to be a solution.Votes are still out on whether or not the effort will work, but everyone agrees that the industry is in desperate need of a change. As always, I’m excited to see what’ll happen next. Read more here.

–Mo Hickey