Illuminating this week: Sept 3-7

Will the Future Like You?
Money can’t buy you love, right? Culturally, Gen Y remains resistant to conspicuous consumption. Here’s a revealing quote from Julia Goldin, new CMO at Revlon. She comes from Coca-Cola. In her new role, she’ll woo a younger generation to fall in love with a classic cosmetics brand.

“In the current world, money is not everything and size is not everything. It’s really about the quality of the connections you make with consumers, the way you bring the brand to life.”

Got a presentation coming up? Need a groovy little sketch to capture a big idea? Try this handy tool from the folks at Odo.

Digital Culture
Affectiva is an emotional sensing technology that got our attention this week. It was incubated at the MIT Media Lab. We’re exploring ways it can help us measure the human connection between brands and people.