How to Seed a New Idea—Selling Your Idea Series

By now you’ve heard of the slow food movement. I’m riffing on that to share a few tips on what it means to slowly build momentum about the idea you want to sell. It starts by planting seeds.

Networking is a great way to begin seeding an idea. It’s also a great way to gauge first-blush reactions to hone your pitch.

The actual nugget of your idea needs to be brief, compelling and pose and solve a problem in 30 words or less. Try writing it on the back of a business card.

But that’s not all.

You—who you are—sells the idea. In fact, my recent interview with Ken Davenport—Broadway’s latest hot rock–reinforces this notion of the “You” factor.

In essence you must be impressive.

Here’s how:

—Be passionate, without over-selling
—Be a crusader looking for the right allies, not just anyone
—Be ready– to have another conversation, meeting, next step
—Be innovative, reveal something new