How to Lead Killer Sponsorship Meetings: 5 Hot Agenda Items for A Pitch

We’re entering the busiest season of the year for most sponsorship marketers. Whether you are buying or selling, the next 3 months you’ll be in pitch meetings. Or you should be.

What should be on the agenda for pitch meetings? Begin with the critical challenges facing marketing departments right now. That way, meetings aren’t just a flurry of pitch slides. Instead, you’ll find yourself in productive sessions that reveal exciting new ways to tackle bigger problems. It’s like doubling down on the tread mill—read AND walk.

The following list is derived from The Leaders Council, a peer-to-peer sharing group for marketing executives from a range of markets.

1. Leadership & Cultural Change

• Evolving internal cultures from a product to a customer focus
• Building marketing as the perceived “growth” engine of the corporation
• Harnessing focused and disciplined innovation
• Evangelizing marketing across the C-suite

2. Marketing/Brand Value

• Justifying marketing expense in a climate of cost cutting
• Using consumer positioning discipline to achieve low/no cost share gains
• Revenue driving rebranding due to organizational change or acquisitions
• Making the case for brand “investment” vs. expense

3. Customer Insights and Relationship

• Increasing customer lifetime value
• Making customer insights actionable over disparate sources and time periods
• Hidden sources for customer insights in the selling/delivery/servicing process
• Harvesting opportunity in “bottom 80%” of customer list

4. Marketing Communications

• Social media (WOM, wikis, blogs), brand “consistency” and profitability
• Digital media to enhance customer relations and hone corporate thought leadership
• Leveraging the agency relationship and managing media bias
• Allocation for “testing” vs. “tried and true” to leverage change

5. Product Management & Launch

• Circumventing technical/engineering bias in the product development process
• Objective measures for customer needs and satisfaction
• Creating product differentiation without attribute or pricing advantage

Armed with this, get to work on designing your pitch meeting to address at least one slide per category and everyone around the conference table benefits. Off you go!