How To Get Great Work: Make your Own Luck

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of guest lecturing at colleges. Young creatives often ask how they can compete for the highest paying, coolest jobs. My answer is always the same: make your own luck. Keep doing ambitious work right now—paid or not. Get your ideas out there. Whether you are employed or looking for work, the digital culture enables people to take big creative risks, at low cost, and gain recognition for it.

To wit, check out these fake ads for the Smithsonian from Jenny Burrows an art student and Matt Kappler, a copy-writer. High-impact and hilarious! The Smithsonian, in its wisdom, has sent the “cease and desist” order out, thus driving the work viral. Now, the genie is out of the bottle. My marketing advice to the Smithsonian, not that it’s asking, is hey, any brand to attract this quality of free publicity should thank its lucky stars.

Hat tips: Kevin McCarthy for blogging it and Nina Simon for tweeting it.