How to Get a Sponsor for Your Blog

Sheila Conlin is a television news producer. She has a mission. With hundreds, maybe thousands of journalists out of work, Sheila has decided to follow some of their stories. Finding out how these journalists are making money selling news on the web is part of her research. Sheila has invited me to stay tuned as she uncovers the most promising models of content sponsorship. She, like Joe Pulizzi at Junta42, is shedding light on what’s working in content sponsorship (e-sponsorship for some) that you can replicate.

The people who land sponsors for new media don’t have big organizations behind them. Consider Adam Huff over at Gaper’s Block, a Chicago news site he and his buddies built from scratch. Huff sign’s sponsors one at a time. He cold calls. He pitches. He occasionally scores.
The people succeeding at e-sponsorship have great content. And they are creative. And in the case of the journalists Sheila Conlin is following, they have very little to lose. And that may be the most important factor of all. In these times, courage may be peeled from the pavement to which people have fallen. Those who strive to pick themselves up and rebuild their lives represent a powerful creative force in America now. It’s about building a world and a monetary system out of grit and imagination. I’m excited to see where it goes. I’ll share what I learn.