How to Generate Buzz – A No-Fail Recipe

Exhausted after a road trip to Detroit, I forced myself to clean out my car. Amidst the pile of newspapers I dug out of the back seat, I scavenged a recipe for root vegetable soup from the WSJ via The Spotted Pig. Curious to know more about the NYC gastropub and its owner chef, April Bloomfield, I wandered over to its website.

The simple, clever design with its Technicolor pig does something very smart that I wish more websites would do. It directly invites blogging. How? It simply asks for the order: “Blog about us.”

People ask me how to generate buzz in a digital culture. There many answers to that question. But the shortest route is a straight line—ask people to do what you want them to do.

Time and again, internet behavior is more led than inspired. I know…it’d be more romantic to believe that people are “inspired” to take action online. It’s simply not true. People do as they are told, pretty much.

So…here I am blogging about the Spotted Pig. Why? Because Chef April asked me to. And tonight, I will use leftovers from Sunday supper with family and friends to whip up Bloomfield’s Golden Root Vegetable soup to welcome in a wintery week.

I’ll let you know how it turns out.