How to De-Frag Your Brain in a Digital Culture

Like many of you, I spend endless hours glaring into the cathode rays of my computer. I manage lots of consumer data. I generate copy by the barrel. So every now and then, I just burn out.

I’m not whining. I love what I do and pity the poor sucker who doesn’t. But last year I discovered a dirty little secret about my work life. The intensity of it is getting to me. Like a PC, my brain needs to be de-fragged or I can’t hold a thought for more than a millisecond.

Lately, I’ve taken to experimenting with ways to de-frag. I’ll pop in now and again to let you know what’s working.

Last week, on a golden Indian summer day, I re-landscaped the yard. I hauled rocks. I dug holes and planted bushes. It felt amazing.

Kung Fu masters teach the wisdom of grounding. It’s a process of intentionally sending one’s energy into the earth to stabilize oneself. I’m happy to report that despite a sunburned nose, splinter in my thumb, mud-caked boots and sweaty brow, I felt utterly grounded. And clear-headed.

The next morning, I sat down and jotted this post—fingers flying, full of glee.