How Corian Uses Sponsorship to Inspire Innovation

Being on the road always means two things: my in-box will be a nightmare, and I will miss the place I’ve been to. After spending 4 days at DesignPhiladelphia, the same is true. Philly has a rough magic to it. But, having chipped away at email while waiting at the airport, I have time to blog about one of the highlights of my trip – visiting the DuPont Corian Design Studio.

Corian is a sponsor of the lecture series for DesignPhiladelphia. As such, it sponsored a show of top artists and designers who were invited to elevate the work-a-day kitchen surface into an art form for an exhibition dubbed “Carte Blanche“.

What struck me about my experience at the Design Studio is how flexible a material Corian is. Kitchen counters merely scratch the surface. From lighting to wall coverings, Corian is used everywhere at the Studio.

Sure, brands like Corian create culture relevance by sponsoring events like DesignPhiladelphia. But they’re also using the relationship to inspire innovation putting their brand at the center point. Not every sponsor seizes that opportunity. Corian gets it because they are trying to appeal to designers – people who often carry the banner for innovation. The reality is, all businesses are in need of new thinking.

So ask yourself, what’s your next sponsorship deal doing to help you innovate?