How Brands Invoke User Creativity and Win

People sometimes ask me:

“What’s the easiest way to get the attention of creative people?”

The answer is simple. Fill in the blank. That is, create a way for users to add their ideas or lend their voices. Offer then an empty canvas. Let them do what they do best–be creative.

Miracle Whip is staging a comeback. So it created a cute little web-app for Facebook to help users drop in dialogue bubbles. Bubbles are branded with recognizable Miracle Whip “blue” from the product label. Otherwise, it’s a fun give away.

In another example, Areej Khan is helping Saudi women protect their right to drive. It’s not illegal for women to drive in Saudi Arabia–it’s just culturally taboo. Areej used to dress like a man to be able to drive in her native Saudi Arabia. Now, an MFA student at the School of Visual Arts in New York, instead of covering up, she is encouraging women to stand up for the right to sit behind the wheel. It’s all part of Khan’s master of fine arts project. Through downloadable dialogue bubbles people participate in the “We The Women” project by putting their own thoughts into the bubbles.

Both are examples of how a campaign can facilitate the three things the RenGen value most:
1. Creativity
2. Connection
3. Collaboration

The fact is that people want to speak out. They love to publish online, even if it’s as little as 140 characters a day on Twitter. Offering creative vessels that make it simple for people to express themselves, and do so with flair or conviction, is the killer app for engaging the RenGen.

Hat tip to Steven Heller for turning me on to “We the Women”