Home Grown

For over a decade, “eat local” has been the mantra of enlightened consumers. Now it’s gone mass. Because specialization always follows expansion, the high-end chic for organic vegetables is now “home grown.” It’s even made the front page of the New York Times. Yes indeed, a cultivated garden is the new Mercedes. The stroll out back to pull your dinner from the dirt is the new trip to Barbados.

I gave up my vegetable garden three years ago. My head bowed, I threw in the trowel. Who was I kidding? I had no time to garden. To compensate, I became a fan of farmer’s markets. But the fuel crisis has sucked the virtue out of them. Farmers have to travel a distance to market. Many have to choose between sacrificing their margins or staying home. Many stay home.

Our newest Culture Scout, Karen Hanrahan, had the passion and follow through to plant a modest garden this year. Welcome, Karen. I admit it. Your tomatoes make me green with envy.