Happy Thanksgiving

I can be stubborn. Over the years, I’ve grown accustomed to walking against the tide. I don’t flinch from certain situations. Maybe I should. It’s tough to know which advice to go with when making a big life decision: “He who hesitates is lost!” or “Fools rush in where angels daren’t tread.”

Take, for example, my recent decision to buy a house. I was miserable renting a flat. It was on the second floor of an intimate building. I had little privacy. I also had no easy access to the garden, no connection with the natural world. I found it a withering lifestyle.

Besides, I was curious to see what life had in store for me if I could pursue my passions—gardening and being outdoors, and feeling like I was a part of something greater. My curiosity about what might be possible overruled my fears.

The trouble with making big decisions is that we never really know. We can labor over the pros and cons all we like. But eventually, our sense of wonder moves us down a path. We are making progress just by exploring a new life. Eventually, my toes curled over the edge of the chasm, and I had to leap or fall to my peril. I leapt.

Yes, I’m facing some hard truths—I can’t run the dishwasher, radio, coffee maker and toaster without tripping the circuit breaker. But I’m also waking up in a lovely, solid little house built by German machinist in 1936. I look out over a park. I feel both safe and inspired.

I’m hoping you’ll be inspired by my 2011 Thanksgiving list. This is just a slice of the many things for which I’m grateful:

• I’m grateful to have a healthy happy daughter who’s at this very moment taking her first set of college exams and hopefully passing!
• I’m grateful that my son had the confidence in himself to forge his own path and build a life with the woman he loves in Florida.
• I’m grateful that my relationship with my team has been strengthened, not weakened, by a tough economy, as we innovate and seize challenges.

• I’m grateful for my assistant, Ellen, who tolerates my terse mails when I’m displeased and never, ever backs down when she believes in something.
• Most of all, I’m grateful to be living the Chinese curse: May you live in interesting times.

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m spending time unpacking boxes and overeating with family. I will return to regular blogging next week.