Hacking the e-Publishing World

My team spent last week piercing the veil of e-Publishing platforms. We have a client who asked about it. As you probably know, e-Publishing is growing by leaps and bounds. There are double the number of e-published books than traditionally published books today. You’d think that means it’s an open source dealio. Not so.

The major book distributors are trying to compete by creating apps and ebook formats unique to their reading devices. While I was at DesignPhiladelphia an author told me her next book will go digital-direct, skipping print altogether via Wiley’s new proprietary platform for e-publishing. If you’re interested in the e-publishing boom, check out the article The Web is Dead in Wired. It’s a sobering debate about what’s left of the frontier. Buffalo carcasses piled high.

After a 10 year Moon-doggie high about the wonders of the world wide web (confession: I inhaled), it’s clear that it’s becoming just a real-estate grab. Some people own property. Others lease space from Facebook, Match.com and Craig’s List. The homesteading movement is coming to a close.