Gratitude for You

A year ago, I started writing down my wishes onto little note cards and placing them inside a fancy wooden box. My friend Jennifer encouraged me to do this. Pray over them, she told me, you’ll be amazed.

Well, here it is a year later and I decided to look inside the box to refresh my memory. What was my heart’s desire? There, I found much to make me grateful.

1. I will be surrounded by a team of highly talented, independent thinkers who spur me to greater things. Done. This year we have been blessed with talent on the team like never before. Shelley, Amy, Katie, Brandy, Donna and John–you’re a dream come true.

2. My children will enjoy learning and form meaningful, supportive friendships. This week I had long talks with both kids about school and life. It struck me that despite their challenges with homework or projects or friends, they are happy in their lives. They seem grounded and open to what life has to offer them and they love to talk about their ideas and what they’re learning in school.

3. I wish for opportunities to gain deeper insight into people’s needs in these transitional times. Wow! Whether its working on a viral advocacy campaign or researching the changing need states in cultural consumers, I am thrilled that I even get to call this “work.”

I wrote down a few new wishes, closed my eyes and said my thanks for all that has come to pass this year, and all that lies ahead.

Happy Thanksgiving.