Goodwill:Thrifty and Nifty Social Media Experiment

Charities are entering into social media channels with amazing success. Take a peek at Goodwill’s latest foray into social media.

District of Columbia Goodwill collaborated with Stella Pop for a three-part video series on DC Goodwill Fashionista (DC Goodwill’s blog). The concept: Redecorate Miss DC 2009’s apartment with only things she could find at Goodwill. Many of you out there have actually done this yourselves, right? The three parts of the video series consist of 1) before Goodwill, 2) shopping at Goodwill and 3) the results.

Along with the video storyline, Miss DC sang an original theme song for the series with local Grammy-nominated rapper Kokayi (the song was sold for $2 on iTunes with proceeds going to Goodwill).

Results are eye-popping:

• Retail sales up 7%

• Retail traffic up 13%

• Donations increase of 18%

• 450% increase in online traffic from before series launch; traffic continues to grow

• $150,000 in earned media coverage

Cause communities are powerful hubs of passion. It’s clear that the Goodwill brand means something to people.

Causes form part of the cultural foundation of social marketing–the legacy social networks bound by interest and high-ideals. It’s what social sponsorship marketing was about before it got mangled into a strictly sports marketing platform. Now the push is to content marketing, a digital/human hybrid. Another story.

Hat tip, Joe Paluzzi