Giving Up Coffee

Few things compare to the sensory mother lode associated with drinking coffee. A heavy user, I was beyond loyal to my local Starbucks, I was in love. Alas, the time has come to quit drinking coffee. Doctor’s orders.

Mine is a life fueled by caffeine and adrenaline, so the thought of just stopping might seem overwhelming, right? Surprisingly it wasn’t. Like an obedient school girl I just stopped cold turkey. Instead, the challenge is brewing up a new inner chemistry. My adrenaline/coffee co-dependency had always worked wonders for me. In a pinch I could leap into action, heart racing, full of zeal to fix anything, solve any problem, jerk either knee.

Now, I am on my own. I realized this on day five of the “no-coffee” regimen. It was a day filled with deadlines and surprises: client presentation, wrong color binding on a report, and a flat tire.

In the days of the bottomless cuppa Joe, I’d have been stressing out. But remarkably, I was calm. It all got fixed. The day unfolded. I got through it.

No more coffee means more calm–less freak out. Great. But it also means finding a new groove. I still yearn for the kick in the pants coffee delivers. I’ve taken to green tea in all its manifestations. I’ve even ritualized it with fresh lemon and fancy teacups. But like passing by an old lover’s house, I drive by Starbucks and feel a certain twinge. I suppose this is what Kevin Roberts means by Love Marks.

Photo credit: Jen Chan