Girls in the Game: Hope for a New World at Christmas

On a frigid Monday afternoon, I crunched my way across the frozen lawn leading up to the Union Park Field House in Chicago for a meeting with Girls in the Game. The non-profit gives girls a leg up by involving them in sports and leadership experiences. I was there to be interviewed by a group of girls who had researched my business and my life in advance.

My assistant, Katie, volunteers for the program and asked me if I’d do it. As the week’s deadlines started to press down upon me, I questioned my sanity for agreeing to it. All that melted away when I met the girls. Open,curious, full of confidence–their energy was a tractor beam sucking me in.

The girls had done their homework. They took turns asking very specific questions. They listened intently to my answers, which is a skill we could all develop better. I like to believe that girls this sharp and self-confident have bright futures. I could actually feel the sense of promise in the room. It buoyed me for the rest of the day.

As we move into the beating heart of the holidays, I am grateful to have received one of the best gifts of all this week: a peak into a future generation of young women. And it looks very bright, indeed.

Happy holidays!