Future Brands: How to Communicate Brand Personality

I’m fascinated by the rising power of brand personality in marketing. What used to be a frill is fast becoming a must. Brand personality is escalating in importance with social technologies because just like the rest of us, brands are “always on.” Brands are being evaluated 24/7 in countless ways, across mass and niche networks, alike. That’s why in a digital age, brands will need to behave like people to succeed–through their values, gestures and attitudes. But how? What are the rules of engagement? Best practices?

I have an idea. During 2014, I’ll take up brand personality as a key theme here at Culture Scout. As usual, I’ll be scoping out the big picture, while the pragmatist in me will point out best ofs and bloopers (hopefully fewer) to spark your thinking. 

Here’s one you might like. Last week, while hurtling across the Internet in search of a data point, I slammed into a 404 page over at Slate. Frustrating, right? Not in the least. I laughed. Using a wry voice, Slate pulls an emotional u-turn by using a wry voice, and leverages a simple 404 message to deliver brand value. Boffo!
Check it out–
“You probably entered the URL thinking you were going to a witty, counterintuitive take on some current news topic. Instead you find yourself disappointed to be reading this 404 page, which means our system couldn’t retrieve the article you sought.
But this is actually great news. Did you really want to read whatever it was you were looking for? Let’s face it: Whatever article you thought you were going to read, you had probably already anticipated the arguments in your head. Instead of reading it, you can just imagine what it was going to be like and get back to work. Look at all the time you’ve saved!  In other words: you’re welcome.
Of course, if you want to find some other interesting story to read, you can go to slate.com and see what else we’re dishing up.”