Ford Fiesta’s Social Media Campaign Explodes on YouTube

Ford Motor keeps pushing the envelope with its Fiesta relaunch campaign. The new YouTube video got 2 million hits in three days.

I’m not a big fan of auto racing. In fact, the opposite is true. Still, I have to admire how Ford continues to woo young buyers for its new Fiesta subcompact with a video that features rally car racer Ken Block in a Fiesta drifting, spinning and burning rubber. Note the track is in France, a nuance that lends cachet to the vid. The YouTube clip went from 300 viewers Monday night to more than 2.3 million Thursday afternoon. Wow!

Word of mouth has also been cultivated well for the Fiesta using social media. “Buyers are interested in what their friends have to say versus the official message,” said analyst Stephanie Brinley of EMC Strategic Communications in Troy.

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