Ford Fiesta: RenGen Brand of the Year

Ladies and gentleman, start your engines. This week, the new Ford Fiesta subcompact will begin its traditional media campaign. I began blogging about the Fiesta campaign months ago, when it was purely viral and very RenGen. Brand manager Sam De La Garza recruited a phalanx of hip bloggers and encouraged them to unleash their creativity to take unusual road trips in the Fiesta and post about it.

Very early on, the collaboration built the brand’s, “life’s a creative adventure” mojo. Sam tweaked social media platforms. He did fly-by-night test drive opportunities that he promoted on Twitter: “Hey, I’m at the corner of Lake and Wabash if you wanna take a test drive!” All of this delivered something that blew the doors off previous launches at Ford.

Get this: Before the Fiesta even launches, Ford marketing executives say 60 percent of the car-buying public already knows about the new Ford. That’s huge! “It’s more than five times more efficient than anything we’ve done before,” said Matt Vandyke, director of U.S. marketing communications for the Dearborn automaker. “It’s something you’ll see us doing with other vehicles going forward.”

Also interesting is the campaign targets–Millennials AND baby boomers. Also very RenGen—it’s more effective to market to a psychographic than demographic. But Ford execs say the Fiesta only needs to market to the much-younger Millennials to attract the Boomers. Interesting. What will happen to the Boomers’ sense of themselves when other brands catch on and we stop seeing ourselves everywhere in ads?