For Sale: The Poetry of Common Classifieds

I’m finding creativity in cracks and crevices–everywhere. Twitter is the newest medium for haiku. Compelling Craigslist ads are like slice-of-life vignettes. These short formats for creative writing more as consumer documentary snapshots than classifieds or social networking posts.
Entirely new genres are emerging. A recent example, below is from the University of Chicago’s own version of CraigsList.

Do you desire a giant, hulking blue behemoth to take up your entire living room and to leer evilly at visitors amongst your furniture?

WELL LOOK NO FURTHER! I have discovered in MY VERY OWN APARTMENT a bean bag that suits your exact needs! My bean bag is about four feet in diameter when sat upon. It is the shade of blue that you could only know once you have experienced the sort of mind-numbing terror that causes you to forget your family, your friends and yea, your very name.

Reader: if this is the sort of bean bag you are looking for, you should be astonished that I am not asking for more than a mere $25 to take it! The dark murmurings of another dimension are simply no longer fitting in with the rest of my voodoo ensemble. You have to be the one to pick it up, though.

The mash up of poetics, consumerism, classifieds, and technology qualifies as the kind of fusion that leads to entirely new forms of expression. And it engages the masses. This is what it looks like right before a renaissance.

Hat tip to Andrew Huff