Flux-capacitor: What’s Your Plan for Exploring the Future of Social Media?

This weekend, I met an old friend for breakfast. Over scrambled eggs, we talked about the transitions we’re going through in our lives. When I mentioned wanting to experiment and be more adventurous, he asked—“What’s your plan?”

Huh? What’s my plan? I need a plan to be more adventurous? What does experimentation have to do with planning?

The more we talked, the more it made sense. We’re in an age of great flux. It’s left many people feeling unhinged. To keep the chaos at bay, it’s a good idea to have a strategy or two about how we’ll attack the exploration process to give us perspective.

In a recent post about Google+, Beth Kanter encourages us to approach the changes in the platform with a plan to experiment. And Vincent Mo shares his own strategies for creating circles of friends using Google+.

I’m not saying life is like social media. Life’s way weirder. I’m just saying that things that are more liquid than solid are best approached by having a way of thinking about it that says, “Here’s what I’ll try, here’s why, and here’s what I hope to learn.” More coffee?