Five Steps To Designing Killer Research Reports

Everyone is a researcher. The changed economic climate dictates it. Unless you’re living in a cave, or asleep at the wheel–no matter what your role is in your organization, you are probably scanning your environment, gathering and comparing observations. 

I’m urging clients to create ways for their people to share insights and observations that lead to productive changes. Because I work with people whose work often changes the culture, being able to package and pitch a new idea is critical to their success. To be credible, they need data.

Audiences crave meaning. I’m a believer in packaging information to make it more meaningful, not as a demonstration of how smart the author is.

Every picture tells a story. Every abstract data point deserves a concrete diagram. This handy manual from AIGA on designing ethnographic research is a recent find worth sharing. It’s readable, actionable and easy on the eyes.