First Novel Published on Facebook

Last year, Guy Kawasaki told me that “low overhead” was the new killer app. I couldn’t help wondering what he’d make of the buzz at OMMA Global this year about the power of “story” to drive allegiance and traffic in digital culture. Is “story” the new killer app?

Maybe you saw this already, but the first novel to be written entirely on Facebook is here. Written by Leif Peterson of Whitefish, Montana—it’s more proof that “story” is the new killer app.

During the winter of 2009, Leif Peterson was challenged by a friend to write a 1000-word story about a man who discovers a Missing Person poster with his own face on it. He wrote the story, and on February 10th, he posted it on Facebook for his friends to read. But the friends who read it didn’t realize he was done; they thought he was just beginning. Messages began pouring in demanding to know what happened next. So he kept on writing.

For all the disheartened creatives out there: Stop fretting that technology has usurped your intellectual property—leaving you without prospects. Look at it this way: to be sure, the business model may be changing. Books and traditional publishing are waning. But the need for talented writers is on the rise. Don’t worry. Be scrappy.