Film Movement Renews Stella Artois Sponsorship

Stella Artois began experimenting with sponsorship ties to film about ten years ago. Today, it’s core to the brand’s positioning. Why? People who like film will drink beer, but it has to be a sophisticated import. Film also has a great cross-over appeal. Research shows that 78% of American males between the ages of 21-35 (the bull’s eye for beer companies) appreciate independent film.

Yesterday, Film Movement, the New-York based film distribution company that brings first-run, award-winning independent and foreign films to fans all across the country, announced today Stella Artois’s sponsorship renewal. The multi-faceted sponsorship deal integrates the Stella Artois brand into Film Movement’s various distribution channels. The beer is distrubuted in the U.S. by Anheuser-Busch, Inc.

The announcement was made today by Film Movement’s Vice President of Business Development, Meghan Wurtz and Sabina Ahmed, Busch Media Group’s Manager, Media Planning. Stella Artois is the exclusive beverage advertiser. Currently, Film Movement intends to identify and join forces with like-minded consumer brands interested in establishing a long-term relationship with Film Movement.

“This affiliation just makes sense,” said Chris Auberry, U.S. brand manager for Stella Artois. “Film Movement’s various distribution channels combined with our support of premiere film events will help us extend our message to a discerning group of consumers – the kind of consumers who expect and appreciate the finer things in life.”

Inside the arts sponsorship deal:

VOD Presence: Film Festival on Demand, a nationwide Free Video On Demand (VOD) channel is sponsored (presented) by Stella Artois and is currently being carried in more than 8 million homes by DirecTV, Cox, Verizon FiOS TV, Comcast Washington, Mediacom, Armstrong and Bresnan Communications. The VOD presence is expected to grow to 24 million in 2009. Stella Artois showcases a spot prior to every Film Movement feature film and short film featured on Film Festival on Demand.

DVD Presence: Every film distributed by Film Movement includes a Stella Artois Presentation Credit and logo as well as a Stella Artois spot.

Theatrical Presence: At each Film Movement theatrical release and theatrical premiere party, Stella Artois receives significant brand presence.

Stella Artois traces its origin back to 1366 to a brewery called Den Hoorn, located in Leuven, a town just outside of Brussels. In 1717, master brewer Sebastian Artois purchased the brewery and renamed it to his namesake. The Artois Brewery created a special brew to celebrate Christmas and named it Stella (Latin for star) for its exceptional clarity. Today, Stella Artois is the gold standard for Belgian lagers with its distinctive flavor and spicy hop character.

Stella Artois redesigned its Web site in 2007 to further strengthen the brand’s sponsorship ties to the film industry. The site opens with a short film titled La Bouteille, which serves as navigation for the site, and features a series of film vignettes that tell the Stella Artois story. Super smart, very RenGen deal!