Farewell to Steve Jobs

Screenshot from Apple.com‘s tribute

By now, practically every blogger on the planet has written about the loss of Steve Jobs. I have only this to add: Steve Jobs made a difference in my life because he imbued his company and its products with the simple belief that creativity mattered. During the rise of the PC, the predominant work culture favored conformity over creativity. But Apple persisted. Thank goodness.

I just want to add my personal thanks to Mr. Jobs for waging the fight to empower people’s creative spirits.

Here’s a list of Apple products that made a difference in my life as a writer:

1. Macintosh, 1986–I write my graduate thesis on a Macintosh for which I traded my vintage Morris bicycle to an employee of the Apple Dublin store.
2. Apple 1995—My mom gets a free Apple for opening a savings account at her local bank and gives it to me to help me bootstrap my start-up.
3. iBook-I still have my first laptop with the roller ball cursor. I can’t bring myself to give it away.
4. iPod Classic—My son has lovingly curated my collections, blending MC5 and the Clash to keep me ever-rocking while running or racing to catch a flight.
5. iPhone—My least favorite product, crappy battery life, glitchy, but still feels like a magic wand in my hand.

Thanks, Steve, for continuing to believe that creative people deserve great tools.