Facebook Privacy, Part Three

A while back I blogged about Facebook’s newly-tweaked privacy settings. Now, however, I finally have one of my own. (A little slow on the uptake, I know–I’m a dinosaur.) It’s been interesting to navigate Facebook in the midst of all these changes, because I don’t know what it was like before. But it’s good to have a reference point as is. Now when I talk about things like privacy settings, it’s from a standpoint of personal experience–the first thing I did when I made my account was make sure my information was private. You know those now-optional “instant personalization” settings? Turned ’em off!

Speaking of changes, Facebook’s made another one. It’s a new feature that requires outside sites and applications to tell users what aspects of their profiles have to be shared in order for the apps to work. Such applications already had to ask permission to access anything private. Now, though, they have to actually specify what information they’ll be using–i.e., photos, email addresses, friends’ birthdays, and so on. The downside? Users still can’t pick and choose what pieces they want to grant access to–you either allow total access or you don’t. Again, not a huge change, but hopefully a sign that bigger ones are yet to come. Baby steps.

–Mo Hickey