Facebook Fraud Video Tells All

I wish I had a dime for every client who wants their content to go viral. Scratch the surface of a so-called viral brand asset, and you’ll typically find a carefully integrated mix of paid, earned and owned media.

Take the case of the VirtualBagel the supposed London bagel shop. It was the invention of BBC correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones, who then bought proper Facebook ads asking people to “like” it. He got more than 1,600 likes within 24 hours. However, most of them were coming from places like Indonesia, India, Egypt and the Philippines.

How did that happen? The video below explains it all. Posted this week on the YouTube channel of Veritasium, Derek Muller a Sydney-based TV presenter walks you through the world of “click farms” that generate fake fans. He then reveals the details of his own campaign using legitimate Facebook advertising tactics. Muller is so easy to understand, that his video is like a primer for how Facebook advertising really works. 


It turns out that fake “likes” are pretty easy to come by. But let me also say, I truly like Muller’s first principle of learning: “You must not fool yourself.”