Dwell: The Design Week Movement

Last year, I worked closely with DesignPhiladelphia on promoting the design culture in Philadelphia. The city is amped with innovation energy. Philly quickly became one of my favorite cites – partially because I see all of the elements of a renaissance coming together.

This week Dwell, one of the top design magazines, published an article about design weeks across the country, and noticed some of the same cultural trends that I had.

If a movement can be defined as a moment when people across time zones and borders act simultaneously on the same idea, then the design week movement is verifiable. In the last three years, design festivals and design weeks have mushroomed across the U.S. in cities including Columbus, Portland, Salt Lake City, Kansas City, Baltimore, and Detroit, as well as abroad, in Beijing, Singapore, Moscow, and Paris.

In some ways this isn’t surprising. We’re all coming to recognize design is everywhere—everything we touch has been designed, and every economy is at least partly design-driven and becoming even more so. “A new value is being placed on design as essential to innovation,” says Carol Coletta, director of ArtPlace, “and on the connection between innovation, jobs, and economic growth.” This growing awareness is especially concentrated in cities, where design is being heralded not only as a savior of the economy but as the solution to a multitude of social challenges.

Read the full article: The Design Week Movement

*Spoiler alert* They do quote from RenGen later in the article. I love that the design world is seeing the same trends towards rebirth that I am.

Other movements that are pointing towards renaissance? Leave a comment and let me know what trends you’re seeing.