Doritos Tries to Make a Difference

As business and social interests fuse, new cause-marketing models are emerging. Take for example Doritos partnership with Do Something Good–which is primarily an online organization with a powerhouse Board comprised of packaged goods executives, media experts and venture capitalists. The goal of Do Something Good is to promote good works among youth and celebrities. It’s partnership with Doritos includes on-pack recognition for young activitists who make a difference in their communities. The salty-snack company also makes mini-grants of $500 to young people to support their philanthropic projects. This populist approach to cause-marketing is exciting, since it democratizes good works, making it possible for everyday kids to get support for their projects.

What’s not clear, is how many of these grants Doritos is planning to give away, or what the bigger picture is in the future. Will Doritos foment a movement, or merely skim the surface with a promotion that is cause-like? What is emerging is a category of cause-marketers looking to ride the wave of social concern and win instant relevance among the RenGen. It will be interesting to see how the American consumer adapts. Will they continue their commitment to the brands that have been in the game longer and have promoted more enduring ties? (Target and Yoplait come to mind.) Or will they embrace messages about making a difference in the world no matter what? My prediction is like begets like. The greater the commitment, the more loyalty the brand earns. More is more.