Do You Love Where You Live?

Photo by NguyenTrung

Do you love where you live? Some people feel the sense of place more than others. For me, people matter more than place. But the recent juggernaut of Chrysler’s Eminem ad for Detroit has made me reconsider my sense of place.

I like cities. I like Chicago, where I’ve lived for 20 years. But I confess to feeling envious of all the buzz I heard while doing business in Detroit last week. When I asked about the Chrysler ad, people gushed. I guess it’s pent up pride. It’s been a long time since people got the chance to say nice things about their city.

The authors of The Power of Pull seem to think people ARE the place. They consider the human dimension foundational to a city. Why? Because where you live puts you on a path of destiny via serendipitous encounters with people who can help you. For that to happen, people have to be out—at events, on the street, hangin’ out.

Does that describe your city? Is it a place where people encounter each other and share ideas? If so, you’d better love it.

Can you change the human dimension of your city? Yes you can. It means having to stir things up. Make things happen. This year, that’s what I’ll be researching–upstarts. People who are changing their communities. In particular, I’m focused on what it takes to move from whiteboard to Board of Directors to win allies and attract support for an idea.

I’m unearthing the real life stories about what it takes to make a place reborn. Please let me know if there is someone you think I should interview.