Dishy Mix

Susan Bratton is a force of nature. She is a new-media maven and founder of Personal Life Media. This week, Susan had me on her talk show “Dishy Mix” to talk about my book. She interviews thought leaders in all walks of business. She is smart, driven, and a blast to work with. But what impressed me most is her approach; she is looking to bring web-based media into a new dimension. Rather than seeing how the web can replicate radio or television, Susan prowls for edgy content and new business approaches that spark ideas. Her approach to business content is fun-loving, never stuffy.
I often get asked about the traits I most admire in business people and my answer is always the same–I respect people who are generous to others. They tend to have large networks and sincere fans. Susan is such a person. Despite a hectic schedule, (she just returned from TED) she finds time to email people saying, “Hey, I just came across this person, or book or idea and I thought you’d want to look at it, it’s good for your business.” Susan Bratton is one to watch.