Discovering Where I Belong: The Journey Ahead

Photo by gags_d_rebel

I ended 2010 feeling exhausted and brainless. Thank goodness for a cozy holiday season that recharged my spirits.

As 2011 gets rolling, it’s shaping up to be brighter, and more promising. So far, I found time for a physical. Yeah! I’ve read three good books, William Taylor’s Practically Radical among them, which I highly recommend. And pretty much, I’ve been making it to the gym consistently.

There’s one goal I’ve set for myself that’s not so easy to check off my list. It’s a simple question with big implications.

Where do I belong?

The past five years I’ve packed and unpacked my household 4 times. Not because I’m an itinerant personality. Previously, I lived in the same house for 15 years. But family obligations were the prevailing winds of change in my life.

That period is ending. As it does I’m feeling a bittersweet mix of excitement at my prospects, and anxiety about having to choose at all.

I’m thinking it’s time to reinstate an early practice of this blog. Beginning in February, Weekend Personals are back. It’s where I share the nitty gritty of life’s challenges as I face down this next part of the journey.

The rules are simple. I get to let my hair down and tell it like it is. You get to learn from my mistakes, which I promise to share freely.